Customer support is vital for any business and especially on Amazon if you want to ensure you have great review ratings for your products.

In this article, we’ll explain how to manage your customer support, and how to answer buyer support questions.

Why Customer Support Is So Important

Looking after your customers is paramount to your success and something that cannot be overlooked on Amazon.

Customer service is part of every business whatever the size. It requires a great deal of patience as customers can be rude or demanding at times.

Customers have many difficulties, even if you’re not able to present your customer with what they want. However, by providing great customer support and establishing a good rapport with them, they’ll truly feel a degree of satisfaction with the customer support experience you provide them with.

How Do I Respond To Buyer Messages In My Amazon Account?

Once you’ve logged in to your Amazon Seller Central Account, you will see on the left hand side of the screen under ‘Performance’, ‘Buyer Messages’.

It will also tell you if you are under the 24 hour target, or over the 24 hour target for answering your messages, as Amazon is looking to see if you are answering all customer questions within 24 hours.

You need to make sure that every day you log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account, and check for any messages from your buyers.

So if you’ve got any messages, please ensure you reply to them promptly!

TIP: It’s vitally important that you have to reply to all buyer messages within 24 hours

What Happens If You Don’t Reply To Buyer Messages

If you don’t reply to your buyer messages, you could run the following risks:

  • Amazon giving you a poor quality score on your account
  • Possible closure of your Amazon account if you don’t support your customers that buy from you

Also bear in mind, your buyer will be disgruntled if they have bought your product and you haven’t supported them in anyway with their questions, for example if the product is broken or something’s wrong with the product.

If this happens it’s likely the buyer will leave you a negative review, therefore, it is really really important to manage your customer support extremely well.

We can’t stress enough how important it is to over compensate for people. Amazon buyers can leave reviews and you do not want them leaving negative reviews as we mentioned earlier.

If this happens just go ahead and refund people or give them the product for free, our policy is to be very generous in this respect. You want to avoid a negative review at any cost, not too mention you are looking for return customers.

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Our Thoughts

In this article, we’ve looked at why customer support is vitally important to your Amazon business.

Remember the two critical things to ensure you’re providing buyers with great customer support:

  1. Check your buyer messages every day and reply within 24 hours
  2. Look after the customer

You want to avoid negative reviews at all costs, ideally you want to ensure you have great review ratings for your products 🙂

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