In this article, you’ll learn how to craft professional and effective follow up emails, and also how to use templates to gain as many reviews as possible.

We’re going to be talking about the sequence of your follow up emails, and we’ll share with you the exact templates that we use.

Firstly, let’s look at benchmark & convert intelligence…

Benchmark & Covert Intelligence

A good benchmark to use is a 5% review rate, so you should aim to get 1 review for every 20 sales.

What this means is if you sell 20 products, one person is going to leave a review, if you sell 100 products, then you should expect about 5 people to leave a review. That may should like a really low review rate but it’s just the nature of the beast. If you’ve got things well optimised, then 5% or above is what you should be aiming for, therefore I wouldn’t be concerned if you’ve got a 5% review rate.

The other thing that I would highly recommend you do is get some Intel on what your competitors are doing; buy their products, and study their follow up sequence if they have one. If you can see what they are doing, especially if it’s a well established competitor, the chances are they’ve got it quite well optimised for your specific niche, then you can see what they are doing and you can do an even better job.

The Exact Templates We Use

The templates shown below are quite standard templates, you should start simple, don’t over-complicate things at this stage, you can use our templates to begin with or templates from one of your competitors, then improve and put your own spin on it, for example making it more niche specific.

There’s a sequence of three messages that we recommend you send to your customer, here’s the exact templates and sequence that we use to send to our customers.

Message #1 – Send this message out as soon as the order has been shipped:

Message #2 – Send this message out 7 days after the order has been shipped:

Message #3 – Send this message out 14 days after the order has been shipped:

TIP: Remember to add a tip or two to your emails to increase value to your customer, and make sure that in message #2 and #3 you ask for a review

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Our Thoughts

In this article, we’ve talked about benchmark & convert intelligence, and we’ve learnt how to craft professional and effective follow up emails, and also using templates to gain as many reviews as possible.

We’ve shared the exact email templates and sequence that we use for sending to our customers following their purchase. Remember also to get some intel on what your competitors are doing; buy their products, and study their follow up sequence if they have one, if they do, learn how to do it better 🙂

Our recommendation? Keep it simple in the beginning, you can improve the templates and tweak them later.

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