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BlackBird is complete solution you need to grow your Amazon business

Marketing Automation

Email automation for the product shipping &amp; delivery alerts, Feedback & reviews request, newsletter or any custom campaign is supported.

Eliminate the need of subscribing to a separate email marketing tool and waste time in switching.

Product Watcher

Keep an eye on your products as well as spy on your competitors by continuously getting vital business intelligence 

data including; Price, Sales Rank, Estimated Sales, No. of Reviews, Inventory and more.

Split Test

Test various listing elements like product’s listing price, images, descriptions, and titles with BlackBird’s split testing.

It will allow you to see which listing variation is more profitable for the product.

On-Page Analyzer

Know which part of your listing is weaker than your competitor’s listing and where do you need to focus for improvements.

Incorporate target keywords to optimize listing and boost the rankings.

Profit Dashboard

Instantly see how much profit are you making on Amazon.

See the sales of each product, refunds &amp; returns, profit margin and other data will help you know the overall profitability of your business..

Opportunity Finder

Use the re-purposed Amazon catalog of an extensive range of products from all the categories to find profitable niches.

You’ll have several filters on hand to narrow down results. You will also be able to see the expected sales and revenue volume of the products.

Product Tracking

Track your products data by connecting Seller Central. Collect data on sales rank, price, reviews, rating and other important stats to formulate a profitable strategy on Amazon

Keywords Research & Tracking

Find the top keywords for your listing with high buying intent.

Track keywords ranking to continuously adjust your strategy and listing

Keywords Research & Tracking

You have full control to set email alerts for any event 

of your choice.

Alerts can be set on Product monitoring data, keywords rankings, negative reviews and more.


The BlackBird Guarantee

Your purchase comes with a full 30 day, 100% money back guarantee. Get started today and have full access to the entire suite of tools and educational resources and rest assured if you’re not satisfied you can get a full refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

Full Refund with No Questions Asked

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