Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions when considering BlackBird

If you are looking for questions regarding support or functionality, we suggest you visit our online Knowledge Base.

Absolutely! What sets us apart from other Amazon seller tools is we don’t just provide software to our members but also high-quality training videos to help our members become successful in their Amazon business. BlackBird was founded by successful Amazon sellers who have made millions selling on Amazon. These videos are designed to help Amazon sellers who are just starting and the more seasoned ones who are looking for that “push” to take their business to the next level. In addition to training videos, BlackBird members will also have direct access to our experts via our Grab a Guru chat box. You can ask any questions you have and they’ll be there to answer.

In our years of selling on Amazon, we learned that buyers who are unsatisfied and unhappy are more likely to leave feedback than the ones who are satisfied. By sending gentle and friendly reminders to your buyers, you significantly increase your chances of getting positive feedback.

It will depend on your subscription. BlackBird comes in 3 packages - Business, Pro, and Unlimited. Business has a cap of 15,000 e-mails per month, Pro gives you 50,000, and the Unlimited package gives you unlimited e-mails.

Absolutely! We call these “Triggers” in BlackBird. You can send e-mails when the order is Confirmed, Partially Shipped, Shipped, Cancelled, and Unfulfillable.

Definitely! You can create a message and choose the specific product from your list of products. You may also choose to send the message against multiple products by entering their SKUs and ASINs.

Yes, you can choose to send to both or just one from the two.

Yes, it is. When you create your message, BlackBird gives you an option to send or not to send the email to a specific country.

BlackBird has a feature called the Opportunity Finder. What you can do with it is you can specify search criteria like Category (e.g. Appliances), Price Range (e.g. $100 - $1000), and Keywords (e.g. Dishwasher). Basing on these criteria we will show you all related products together with their BSR value (Best Seller Rank). The lower the BSR, the better. That’s how we can help you find your next BIG product!

Absolutely! BlackBird allows you to add the keywords for each of your products and then see where your product appears within the top 50 results.