What is Remote Service?

Let’s say, if you are a resident of Norway, Armenia or Switzerland and doing FBA in the United States of America, FBA services for you will thus be called “Remote Services”. Selling on Amazon fees (listing/referral services) and subscription fees are included in remote services.  

Amazon no longer delivers to Switzerland, Norway and Armenia  from the US as of 1st January 2019.

Contingent upon the (VAT) value added tax changes in Switzerland, Armenia and Norway, all the temporary resident agencies offering remote services are now responsible to collect Switzerland (7.7% Standard VAT rate), Armenia and Norway VAT whenever it is provided to respective country residents or even people who are not registered for VAT. 

If you wish Amazon to include your Swiss VAT number on your tax invoices, then you can provide your Swiss VAT ID on Seller Central account of Amazon. 

How-To- Do Steps

To provide Amazon with your VAT ID, follow the steps given below. 

Step 1. Simply Login to the Seller Central account. 

Step 2. Under Settings on the top right corner of the dashboard, click on Account info.

Step 3. Click on VAT Information under the Tax Information tab.

Step 4. Click on Add new VAT/GST registration number , and select your country from the long list of countries. Whether you  live in Switzerland, Armenia or Norway, you can opt the countries accordingly. 

Step 5. After selecting the country, enter your VAT ID which will be something like 

For Norway : Enter your 9-digit VAT ID, for example XXXXXXXXXMVA.

For Armenia: Enter your 8-digit VAT ID, for example 0+XXXXXXX.

For Switzerland : Enter your VAT ID, for example CHE-XXX.XXX.XXXMWST/TVA/IVA.

After typing in your VAT ID, tick mark on “ I accept and acknowledge all the conditions set out in the Tax Registration Agreement” and click Save

Should You Register for Swiss VAT?

The answer is Yes !!! Switzerland has adopted most the EU place of supply rules for VAT, including the use of the reverse charge.  This means that since the EU 2010 VAT Package, there are very few service-related situations which require a VAT registration.

The Swiss VAT registration threshold for foreign companies is currently CHF 100,000 per annum which includes global income – not just Swiss income – since 1 January 2018.

According to the rule, Amazon is required to collect and remit Norwegian VAT at a standard rate of 25% to Norway resident sellers and Norway VAT at a standard rate of 20% on Selling on Amazon fees charged to Armenia Sellers. If you haven’t added your VAT ID yet, then do it now.

Tehmina Zamir
Tehmina Zamir

Tehmina Zamir is a Content Manager at Blackbird Suite. With 5+ years experience in the multiple-niche industry, she writes action driven marketing sales copy to help millions of Amazon sellers grow their business at a rapid rate. She is also an author of Global Patient Transfer, Gooline Space, Healthwiz360 etc.