Before you can walk-the-walk, you need to talk-the-talk!

In this article we’ll take a closer look at 16 important definitions and terms used by Amazon sellers.

General Definitions

In this article we’re going to be delving deeper into definitions and terminology on Amazon.

We’re going to take a closer look at a bunch of terms that are going to become familiar to you as you start diving into this business model and these are the words or acronyms that you will need to understand as an Amazon Seller.

1. FBA = Fulfilled by Amazon

This is when Amazon receives the stock and sends it out to customers for you, they take care of all of that.

You can sell on Amazon without having your product fulfilled by Amazon, for example you can do your own fulfillment, or use your own warehouse, sometimes we carry out our own manual fulfillment from our own warehouse

2. BSR = Best Seller Rank

If we look at a listing and scroll down the page to ‘Product Details’, you will see the Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

You will notice in this example the Amazon best sellers rank is 2,186, which means they are ranked 2,186 in the ‘Sports & Outdoors’ category, they probably earn quite a bit of money because of that.

When we talk about best sellers rank we talk about the top level categories, we wouldn’t say they’re no. 1 in ‘Hydration Packs’ because that’s four categories down.

3. ASIN = Amazon Standard Identification Number

This is a unique identifier that Amazon gives all products.

4. SKU = Stock Keeping Unit

When we’re talking about SKU’s, we’re often talking about different products, so if you’ve got a product line with 5 SKU’s, then you’ve got 5 different products. Put simply, this is just a number code associated with a product.

5. UPC = Universal Product Code

This is essentially just a bar-code and all products on Amazon will have a bar code.

6. FNSKU = Amazon Specific SKU

All products that are fulfilled by Amazon will have a FNSKU, this is an Amazon specific stock number. You will be able to get your FNSKU once you’ve got your product set up inside of Amazon.

7. Keyword Phrase

A keyword phrase is a search term that you want your product to rank for, or a search term that you are researching.

If for example, I went into Amazon and typed in ‘hydration pack’, this would be the keyword phrase.

8. Keyword Phrase Ranking

Keyword phrase ranking is the ranking of your product in Amazon (1 is the first product).

So if we searched for ‘hydration pack bladder’ for example, you would ignore the first two listings as they are sponsored and not organic as per the screenshot below, so this is the number 1 keyword phrase ranking product:

One thing you’ll notice on Amazon is that they don’t always have a set number of products on their first page, it depends on what the product is.

Key Metric Definitions

9. Conversion = Sale

So if you got 10 conversions on Monday, that’s 10 sales.

10. Session = Visitor to your Amazon Listing

This is a keyword that Amazon uses, if you look in your reports you may see you’ve got 1,000 sessions which means 1,000 visitors to your specific Amazon listing.

Each product will have different statistics about the number of sessions.

11. Conversion Rate = Conversions / Sessions (%)

This is a percentage which is the conversions (number of sales) divided by number of sessions.

So if you’ve had 10 sales (10 conversions) and you’ve had 10 visitors (10 sessions), then your conversion rate will be 10%.

12. ACOS = Average Cost of Sale

ACOS is a metric you’ll come across when you start doing paid ads on Amazon.

It’s a percentage of the sale price that went to pay for the campaigns advertisements.

So when you’re running paid ads, the lower the ACOS score, the better.

For example, if you’re selling something for $100, and you spend $10 on Amazon pay per click ads to get a sale, then your average cost of sale would be 10%.

Listing Definitions

13. Title

Please refer to the screenshot below for an example of a product title:

14. Bullets

Please refer to the screenshot below that shows a product listing’s bullet points:

15. Description

The product description is highlighted in the screenshot below:

16. Category

The category is highlighted in the screenshot below:

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Our Thoughts

In this article we’ve talked about some basic terminology that will help you as you build your Amazon business.

We’ve looked at general definitions, key metric definitions, and listing definitions, all of which as a seller on Amazon you’ll need to learn and understand.

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