Amazon customers can and do ask questions about products, and these show up on the product listing page.

In this article you’ll learn how to correctly manage questions on your Amazon product listings.

Why You Should Pay Attention To The Questions On Your Product Listing

People are able to ask questions on your Amazon product page listing. Please bear in mind these are not the reviews, this is completely different. We’ll also briefly touch on reviews later on in this article.

As the seller, you want to be able to respond to these questions promptly. Other customers who have bought your product can also respond to help answer the question, so you really want to pay attention to this section of your listing to avoid any questions that are not answered correctly and accurately.

Let’s have a look at an example…

You can see in the screenshot below, this listing has 25 answered questions:

If you click on the link as shown above, you will see the questions which people will potentially read, and if the question is not answered accurately, it doesn’t help the situation with the conversion rate on your page.

Here is what you will see when you click on the link as shown above ’25 answered questions’:

You can see more answered questions by clicking the grey box as shown above ‘See more answered questions (21)’. You also have the ability to search for a question by using the search bar as shown above.

Why Some Sellers Write And Answer Their Own Questions

A lot of sellers who sell on Amazon will write and answer their own questions which is really quite deceptive. We’re not saying that you should do that, we’re just advising you that’s what sometimes happens.

So why do sellers do this? The reason sellers may write and answer their own questions is to stack their listings so they look perfect.

Then they may also vote up all their really good reviews, and write up and answer their own questions so their listing looks really polished and professional.

TIP: Don’t use deceptive techniques when answering questions on your product listing, learn how to deal with questions the right way as shown within this article

How To Deal With Questions On Your Product Listing The Right Way

What we do recommend you do is if you see a question come in, answer it and answer it really promptly so that your answer is the first one.

There is no problem with you as the seller answering the question but pay attention to this section because poor quality answers won’t help the situation if there’s a problem.

If that is the case, you’d want to remedy that and write a reply that tells the customer that this is not the case, or try to answer it before another customer does because when someone’s bought a product on Amazon, Amazon automatically emails them and asks them if they want to answer the question, so bear in mind that anyone who’s bought the product previously can also answer the question.

Keep in mind that you also as the seller have the right to answer that question too.

TIP: Make sure you answer questions promptly and accurately to avoid poor quality answers

Can I Remove Questions From My Product Listing?

As a general rule of thumb, questions cannot be removed from your product listing.

However, if you believe the comment to be any form of spam you can report this to Amazon, who may or may not depending on their discretion, remove the question.

For further information on how to report this to Amazon, please visit the following link; ‘Amazon’s Help & Customer Service’, and refer to section 8. Reviews, Comments, Communications And Other Content.

TIP: If someone leaves you a defamatory comment or spam, ensure you report it to Amazon in the first instance

Why You Should Also Pay Attention To Your Product Reviews

Not only are the questions on your listing important but your reviews are too.

For further reading on why reviews are vitally important, please visit the following article; ‘Our Top Secret Evergreen Amazon Review Acquistion Strategy’.

A very important aspect of any Amazon marketing strategy is collecting as many reviews as possible for your products.

In this article you’ll learn how to gain reviews, and learn our top secret evergreen Amazon review acquisition strategy, you’ll also learn how to bury the dreaded low or bad reviews!

TIP: In addition to the questions on your product listing, reviews are vitally important too, learn how to gain reviews by visiting our article as shown above on our top secret evergreen Amazon review acquisition strategy

Our Thoughts

You want to be able to respond to any question on your product listing. Bear in mind other customers who have bought your product can also respond to help answer the question.

Ensure you pay attention to questions received, because you don’t want negative things to be showing up on your Amazon product listing.

With the information contained in this article, you have the knowledge to deal with answering questions in the correct manner.

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