In this article, we’ll introduce the 6 key building blocks of any Amazon listing, and how you can use them to ensure your product gets off to a flying start.

Why Are Listings Important?

Your listing is very important because it’s your one chance that you’ve got to convince someone to buy your product versus buying someone else’s product.

Bear in mind the words that what you use in your listing will directly impact your Amazon keyword rankings, so you need to carefully choose the way that you write your listings because it will absolutely have a big impact.

You also need to use the most influential listing factors as detailed below.

TIP: The words that what you use in your listing will directly impact your Amazon keyword rankings, so copy our very own listing criteria to craft a winning listing 🙂

The Influential Listing Features That You Need To Use

There are a set of influential listing factors that you need to use in your Amazon listing such as:

  • Keyword phrases
  • Choosing the right title
  • Images – different enhancements, different images you can use
  • Bullet points
  • Description
  • Pricing

Let’s look at the the above influential listing factors in more detail:

Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases are search terms that people will use to find your product in Amazon.

Keyword phrases can be used in two places:

  1. Behind the scenes in your product setup area
  2. In your listing (title, bullets, description, etc)

Choosing The Right Title

Titles are the no. 1 ranking factor so you should absolutely spend some time to craft a compelling title that’ll capture clicks!


Many sellers on Amazon neglect to design images as they underestimate the effect they have on a product page conversion rate, so the key is to design images that boost conversions.

Here are our top tips for using images:

  • Upload maximum size (enables zooming) minimum 1000 x 1000
  • Upload images from any of the following formats; tiff, jpeg, gif, png
  • Don’t use any text on your main image
  • Your image must have a white background
  • Use ALL the photo’s that you can

Bullet Points

Bullet points play a significant role in conversions rates, also bear in mind many people will read these more than the description, as people scan… they don’t read every word.

Here are our top tips for using bullet points:

  • Include keywords (and variations of them)
  • Highlight your benefits (not just features)
  • Capitalize the main benefit in each bullet
  • Write your bullet points for humans, not robots
  • Use the space you have available
  • Analyze what your competitors are doing to get ideas


In addition to bullet points, your description also plays a significant role in conversion rates.

Here are our top tips for writing your description:

  • Bear in mind only a small percentage of people will actually read this, which is why your bullet points are so important
  • Write your description for humans, not robots
  • Can be used in Google as a search term, potential customers may find you this way


Without a doubt the price of your product has the biggest impact on your sales, however, there’s a sweet spot to find, therefore it’s essential to find your optimal price points on Amazon.

TIP: Ensure you use the influential listing factors above to optimize your Amazon listing

Copy Our Very Own Listing Creation Process

We’ve got a process that we typically go through when we build our listings, that’s what we call our 6 key building blocks of any Amazon listing which you can copy to help craft your own listings.

Normally what we do is we craft the listing in a Word document or a Google doc, so that we’ve got a copy of it which we can go back to at any time in the future.

Copy our 6 key building blocks to help craft your listing using the following steps:

  1. Identify your target keyword
  2. Craft your title
  3. Craft your bullets
  4. Craft your description
  5. Add the formatting
  6. Work on the images

Once you have all of the above, you should be able to craft a winning description and listing that’s going to convert lots of visitors into buyers 🙂

TIP: Copy our listing creation process by using the 6 key building blocks to craft your listing

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Our Thoughts

In this article, we’ve introduced the 6 key building blocks of any Amazon listing, and the exact listing creation process that we use for our own listings.

By following the advice given within this article, you should be able to craft a winning description and listing that’s going to convert lots of visitors into buyers 🙂

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