Why Bullet Points & Descriptions Play A Significant Role In Your Conversion Rates

Two key areas that play a significant role in conversions rates is the page bullet points and also the product description.

In this article, you’ll learn how to craft high converting copy for these sections of your page.

Introduction To Bullet Points

Bear in mind,  more people will read the bullet points than the description as people scan, they don’t want to read every single word.

  • You want to include your keywords and variations of them in the bullet
  • You want to highlight your benefits, don’t just highlight the features, i.e., how it will help people
  • Capitalize the main benefit in each bullet
  • Use all the space you have available, have longer bullet points so you can give more information to your potential customers
  • Analyze what your competitors are doing to get more ideas

If you are ever in doubt about what to include in a bullet, the one year or lifetime guarantees are used in pretty much all of our products because we’ve found that it helps boost conversion rates significantly.

So you may want to that in your listings and use that word for word from the example below (just remember to replace chair with whatever your product is):

Another little copyrighting tip is if you ever struggle to find what your benefit is, what you can do is add the word ‘SO’ to a sentence.

For example;

  • ‘Ultra strong steel frame ‘SO’ (add your benefit), i.e., that the chair will never break or:
  • ‘Ultra strong steel frame ‘SO’ that the chair will hold up to 400lb’

Introduction To The Description

Only a small percentage of people will actually scroll all the way down to read the description but some people will, so you need to write for those people that do actually read it.

Bear in mind to write for humans, not robots (the same applies for bullets).

Also, the description is sometimes shown up in Google, as per the screenshot below:

So bear in mind that the first couple of lines of the product description may appear in Google, so if you are focusing on Google search traffic then it’s quite important that you have this in mind.

It won’t necessarily always happen, but in some cases that is how it works, so keep that in mind when writing your descriptions.

Formatting Your Description

Fomatting your descripton is very important, the 3 main things to focus on are:

  1. Break your text into paragraphs, rather than one big slab of text
  2. Use bolding
  3. Use bullets as they are much easier to read

As we mentioned earlier, use all the space you have available, and use keywords throughout the description, but don’t overdo it, first and foremost we want to make it look natural.

How To Craft Your Bullets And Description

We prefer to craft the bullets and description in a Word document, and then transfer (copy/paste) to Amazon.

The reason we like to do this, is that it gives you a record of what you’ve got and you can make tweaks and improvements over time.

Let’s have a look at some examples of good and bad examples of descriptions on Amazon…

Bad Description

All they’ve got is a tiny description which is just a couple of lines, they could do much better than that, they’re really selling themselves short here.

Good Example

This example is much better as it includes bolding and bullet points, and it’s broken down into different sections.

The good news is that listings you’re coming up against are pretty terrible when it comes to formatting and creating good product descriptions.

Example Product Description

Let’s look at an example of a product description that we’ve written:

You can see we have used bolding on some of the text, we’ve broken it out into different paragraphs, we’ve used bullet points and it looks pretty clear and concise.

Bear in mind the description space is 2,000 characters so try to use as much as the available space as you can.

Here are some other tips…

  • Also start the descriptions with a strong headline which focuses on the key features of the product
  • Ensure you use the main keywords and keep the description natural
  • Then break it out into a set of bullet points, you can recycle this information you have used earlier in your bullet points
  • We then like to add a paragraph on why the product is premium
  • Then finish up with a one year or lifetime guarantee

Further Reading

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Formatting your product page is easy to do and is an important touch to ensure you do everything within your control to make sure your listing stands out.

In the following article; ‘Formatting Your Amazon Product Page To Stand Out From The Crowd’, you’ll learn how to format your product description area professionally.

Our Thoughts

In this article we’ve discussed the two key areas that play a significant role in conversions rates which is the page bullet points, and also the product description, so make sure you’re one step ahead by following our formatting advice.

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