How To Search For Amazon Suppliers In The USA

Searching in the USA is a great option for finding suppliers as you can get products into Amazon fast, with very short lead times, and have lower minimum orders.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to source in the US market.

We’ll also show you some techniques for people who don’t want to source from countries like China or other Asian countries.

Why Might You Source Locally

The reason you might want to source locally is for products like:

  • Supplements
  • Skin care products

These are all big sellers on Amazon, and you should never source anything like this from offshore.

The Benefits of Sourcing Locally

The other good thing is usually you can fulfill with smaller order quantities if you are buying in the USA.

You can also get quicker fulfillment and less cost in freight and import duties.

Therefore you won’t have to deal with all of the above, so it could be a good idea providing you get the right product.

Some people do really well with sourcing locally.

The Downside of Sourcing Locally

The downside of sourcing locally is you’re going to have a lot higher product costs than getting it from Asia as manufacturing is cheaper off shore than in the United States.

We’re not saying that’s a good thing but that’s how it works.

Sourcing Examples

In this example, we’ll look at sourcing supplements.

In a Google search, type in ‘Private label supplements’:

If you click on one of the results, here’s the type of thing you’ll find:


Keep in mind with supplements, with companies like these, they don’t manufacture anything they’re just a broker. When we say a broker what they are doing is going out to manufacturers, they might have about 10 or 15 manufacturers that they work with and they will take your formulation, and help formulate a product and then they go to the manufacturers and then mark it up.

For example the manufacturer might make it for $2.50 and they’ll sell it for $4.

There’s nothing wrong with that as a model because they are quite experienced and they know who a lot of the good manufacturers are, it’s just it’s going to cost you a little bit more doing it that way but these people know what they are doing.

The same applies for skin care, as with supplements stay in the United States to source these.

Searching For Local Suppliers

You can use the world ‘wholesale’ in your Google search but bear in mind a lot of retailers use the word wholesale to make their retails sound like wholesale which they are really not.

What you are trying to find is companies that will wholesale you something in the United States, but by just putting ‘wholesale’ in the search might not work so you could change the word to ‘importer’.

For example if you are looking for kitchen wholesale products, you could put ‘kitchen importer’ into the search.

To narrow the search down, you can play around with the search phrase, i.e., ‘kitchen manufacturers’.

The aim of this exercise is that you’re trying to find people that make stuff or import stuff into the United States.

What you can do if you’re starting to get a load of junk results, is you can remove a particular result which will no longer appear in your searches.

For example; if a particular website comes up that you don’t want in the search, you can just put a ‘-‘ in front of it in your search query.

If you start seeing websites like Alibaba, you can add these too and keep refining your results:

Bear in mind, manufacturers etc., are not very good at building websites which makes them hard to find in Google because of that, so you’ve got to do a bit more digging.

The ones that have websites that show up in Google aren’t the ones you want to buy from, you want to buy from the ones that are importing, and warehousing it to retailers, those are the sort of ones that you want to try and find.

The key way to do this for sourcing in the United States is just looking through lots of these websites, and refining your search results.

Be prepared that sometimes you have to go quite deep and change up the keywords until you can find what you’re looking for.

TIP: Change up your keywords when searching and try to think outside the box!

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Our Thoughts

In this article we’ve discussed how searching in the USA for suppliers is a great option as you can get products into Amazon fast, with very short lead times and lower minimum orders.

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