How To Find Great Amazon Suppliers And Get Your First Samples

In this article, you’ll learn how to find the best suppliers, and understand how to negotiate the deal and get your first samples!

The Crucial Part Of Selling A Product

The crucial part of selling any product, especially on Amazon is you want to make sure you find good quality suppliers.

So let’s look at a number of different methods and break them down into two ways:

1. Using Local US Suppliers

If you are buying in the US, you can get products very quickly, lead times may only be a few days and you can have a product up and running on Amazon.

The downside is, you’re not going to get as good a margin on the product because those companies will no doubt be importing the products themselves, meaning they are going to add their own margin.

However, we’re surprised how many people do very well so don’t be put off by that either.

How Do You Find A Great Supplier Locally?

To find a supplier locally, we’d recommend you do a Google search for your chosen niche/product, and play around with the phrase/keyword, here are some search terms you can use:

  • Niche/product + ‘supplier’
  • Niche/product + ‘manufacturer’
  • Niche/product + ‘importer’
  • Niche/product + ‘wholesaler’
  • Niche/product + ‘private label’

2. Using Offshore Suppliers

You don’t have to go offshore to find products although that’s our preferred method, we’re not big fans of staying in the US to find suppliers.

With that said though, a lot of people we know do fantastically well just sourcing locally in the US, so you don’t have to import (providing you are living in the US).

Importing products is not difficult to do, a lot of people have a mental block and believe importing a product into a country is really difficult, and there’s a lot of paperwork and duties, and also terminologies that they’ll not understand.

Yes, there is new terminologies that you may not understand but none of it is difficult, in fact, it’s really easy.

How Do You Find a Reputable Offshore Supplier?

We highly recommend Alibaba, which is the world’s largest platform for finding suppliers, you need to find good quality reputable suppliers when sourcing your products.

You can visit Alibaba and set up a free account at:

How Do I Decide, Source Locally Or Offshore?

Sourcing locally or offshore, both are fine it doesn’t really matter. As discussed earlier, our preferred method is importing, but we don’t want you to just think that is the only way to do it.

Whatever product you have will probably dictate that for you, because some products you won’t be able to find locally so it depends on what products you choose.

How To Communicate & Negotiate With Your Supplier

Whether you’ve decided to source locally or offshore, you need to start communicating and negotiating with your supplier.

When you first approach a new supplier, be courteous and polite, be interested in their business, ask about their background, what sort of products they stock, pricing, and payment terms etc.

If you are happy to move forward with them, you can request sample. Before purchasing it’s a good idea to get a FedEx or DHL account, so the supplier can send the samples to you, they will just ask for your account number so they can ship them to you.

When negotiating with your supplier, let’s take a look at some of the questions you need to ask…

  • MOQ: Is there a minimum order quantity?
  • Lead times: Ideally you’re looking for 30 day maximum, preferably sooner…
  • Packaging costs: As it will most likely cost more to get custom packaging
  • Weight: You need to know this as it will affect your Amazon fees
  • Discounts: You may receive discounts for larger orders

You want your supplier to see you as a serious buyer, if you can only afford a small first order, explain that you’re you’re testing the market, and subsequent orders will be much larger.

Why A Quality Supplier And Product Is Vital

We really can’t stress enough how important it is to have a quality supplier and a quality product, there’s nothing worse than to do all this hard work and then to let yourself down with a poor quality product because you can’t really do that well building anything on low quality.

So make sure you follow our advice, the quality is vital because it will set you up for a long term business 🙂

Further Reading

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Our Thoughts

In this article we’ve learnt how to find the best Amazon suppliers, and how to negotiate the deal and get your first samples.

Remember, quality products and suppliers are key if you’re looking for a long term business!

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